About Me

Dear Reader,

Welcome to my blog. Let me introduce myself.

I'm Ladányi Klára, a child of 1987. I grew up in a small town in Hungary, but have been living in the capital for the past twelve years. I'm a wife, a mom of three, an English Major, a blogger and a wannabe writer. My love for the English language is steady ever since high school where I went in a special English class. I also chose English for my studies at the university. Here I also fell in with literature of English other speaking countries like Ireland and Australia. 

My first memory of entering the zone when writing took place in fourth grade of elementary school. We had to write a tale using one given line. I can still remember how vivid my story became in my head as I wrote those short sentences. I've been looking for the same feeling ever since.
Though I wanted to become a writer as a teenager, I gave up my dream because it seemed impossible. For a few years I didn't write but read as much as possible. 
Then one day I read an article about being a closeted writer and I realized I was one. I decided to start writing again but be more conscious about it. I enrolled in an online creative writing course to learn the basics  and I've been writing short stories and novellas ever since. I hope I'll be able to write a novel one day.

Thank you for visiting my page. :)

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